Onychomycosis, otherwise known as nail fungus, is an infection underneath the surface of the nail caused by fungi that can often go unnoticed. The infection usually begins at the tip of the nail as a yellow-white spot under the toenail and works its way back.

Nail Fungus Treatment

Nails fungus is treated by regular podiatry nail care, coupled with topical or oral anti­fungal medication. If you notice any discoloration, thickening, or deformity of your toenails, you should make an appointment to visit a podiatrist. Our doctors at Podiatry Associates of Florida examine the affected areas and provide patients with a course of treatment that will ensure the nail fungus disappears. This can take up to 12 months or longer for the entire nail to be clear of nail fungus. There are many types of medication that can be used for nail fungus, and Podiatry Associates of Florida can best advise what is appropriate for your condition.

Factors that increase your risk of developing onychomycosis.

  • Athlete’s foot
  • Walking barefoot in wet communal areas
  • Perspiring heavily
  • Middle age
  • Diabetes
  • Poorly ventilated socks and shoes