Fungal Infections

Fungal nail infection is very common in toenails as fungal organisms are attracted to dark and humid environments such as inside a shoe. Fungal nail infection can affect any nail and any portion of the nail. Cases can range from mild to severe. Nails with mild fungal infection appear to have white yellow coloring in patches. The more severe fungal nails appear yellow, thick, crumbly and sometime painful. Most clients presented with fungal nails report that their main concern is the unsightly appearance of the fungal nails.

Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungal nails are treated by regular podiatry nail care, coupled with topical or oral anti-­fungal medication. Our doctors at Podiatry Associates of Florida examine the affected areas and provide patients with a course of treatment that will ensure the fungal infection disappears. This can take up to 12 months or longer for the entire nail to be clear of the fungal infection. There are many types of medication that can be used to treat fungal nails, and a podiatrist can best advise what is appropriate for your condition.


Fungal Nail Prevention

It is also important to prevent fungal nails by following the correct foot hygiene measures:

  • Wear breathable, clean socks on a daily basis (fibers such as cotton, wool, bamboo are suitable)
  • Wear shoes with a breathable uppers such as mesh material or leather/suede
  • Wash and dry feet daily
  • Target the areas between digits using antiseptic such as tea tree oil and apply to any areas of concern or suspicious white yellow patches of nail on a daily basis