Spring Into Action

March 5, 2017 podiassociates

Spring has officially arrived! And warmer weather means your feet will soon make their debut from hi­bernation all winter inside your thick, closed-toe shoes. For many, sandal season does not bring the positive connotation that it should – Podiatry Associates of Flor­ida is here to change that! If dry skin, unattractive cal­luses, or athlete’s foot are preventing you from slipping into flip-flops, follow this guide from Podiatry Associates of Florida’s highly-qualified podiatrist to get your feet looking rejuvenated again. Now is the best time to ensure your feet are healthy and ready to show off all season long.

Dry Skin

The cold weather can really take a toll on your feet. When your feet lack to produce necessary oil glands, it can leave them prone to dryness. Wool and synthetic fibers found in most socks and socks used in the win­ter can be particularly responsible for causing dry feet. Keep your skin hydrated and soft by using a pumice stone to rub off dry skin. Apply a cream or lotion to the tops and bottoms of your feet daily to maintain mois­turized skin. Using a cream with urea in the formulation can increase the cream’s effectiveness on dry skin.

Cracked Heels & Calluses

Cracked heels are commonly caused by walking and standing on hard surfaces for extended periods of time. Treat cracked heels by using a pumice stone or heel scrubber every day while you shower and apply a hydrating heel balm at least once a day for maximum effectiveness. If the cracks in your heels are deep, it is best to visit an experienced podiatrist at Podiatry As­sociates of Florida. Calluses are another familiar con­dition many face. Calluses are formed to protect your feet from repeated friction and pressure from loose shoes and toes rubbing together. To fight calluses, be­gin by soaking your feet in warm water. Gently file cal­luses away with a callus reducer or emery board and lastly apply a lotion generously. Additionally, orthotics can help prevent calluses by addressing poor foot me­chanics.

Athlete’s Foot

Since your feet have been cooped up all winter, it is very common for athlete’s foot to occur. This fungal infection of the feet is notably prevalent at the end of winter as it is caused when wet feet are trapped within closed-in socks and shoes. Athlete’s foot can be painful, and un­treated cases can escalate to more serious conditions. Quick and necessary treatment can be administered by the podiatrists at Podiatry Associates of Florida.

With a little TLC and some help from Podiatry Associ­ates of Florida, unsightly dry feet, cracked heels and calluses, and athlete’s foot will be things of the past!