Protect Your Feet From Summer Heat

June 19, 2017 4EDemo

Whether you are spending your summer relaxing on the beach, enjoying water sports on the river, or hiking in the woods, your feet will be carrying you through every activity. Follow these foot care tips from the podiatrists at Podiatry Associates of Florida to ensure your feet are healthy for fun in the sun all summer long!

Barefoot Walking

Avoid sunburnt feet and reduce your risk of contracting viruses including warts, fungus and bacteria, by limiting your barefoot adventures. Walking barefoot can also increase the risk of injury to your feet from debris concealed in the sand, splinters, glass, and other foreign bodies.

Stay Hydrated

With temperatures soaring well into the 90s in Florida, it is imperative to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Water will not only help with overall health, but will also minimize foot swelling caused by the extreme heat.

Apply Sunscreen

Your feet need protection from the sun too! Make sure to apply sunscreen all over your feet, especially to the top and sides. Don’t forget to reapply after you have been in the water

Appropriate Footwear

Different outdoor activities may require different types of footwear. Check to ensure you are wearing the proper shoes for the activity you are doing. Bringing an extra pair of shoes and socks is also a smart idea to keep your feet dry

If you do experience a troublesome foot or ankle issue, we encourage you to schedule an appointment at one of the Podiatry Associates of Florida locations nearest you to have our experienced podiatrists provide you the foot care you deserve.