Are You At Risk for Dreaded Bunions?

August 22, 2017 podiassociates

Suffering from bunions? You are not alone. In fact, one in six Americans (according to the American Podiatric Medical Association) suffers from bunions. Contrary to what you may have heard, bunions can develop at any time and affect youth and adults.

Wondering what exactly is a bunion? A bunion is an enlargement and misalignment of bone at the big toe joint. This structural problem causes a bony bump or protrusion. The bump will become red and swollen over time. A telltale sign of a bunion is if your big toe is angling back toward your foot.

Since bunions are a structural bone alignment issue, they do not go away. The sooner you receive treatment, the better your chances are for relief of this condition. Prolonging treatment will only worsen the condition, making it harder to get rid of and potentially altering gait patterns affecting the way you walk. Seeking early treatment from an experienced podiatrist at Podiatry Associates of Florida will ensure the best prognosis and long-term results.

Symptoms of Bunions

  • Bony bump protruding from the big toe joint
  • Stiffness in the big toe
  • Misalignment of the big toe angling toward the second toe
  • Thickened skin and callus
  • Red and inflamed skin
  • Pain and aching
  • Foot pain when wearing shoes

Causes of Bunions

  • Hereditary foot structure
  • Neurological conditions
  • Frequently wearing high heels
  • Tight fitting shoes
  • Flat feet
  • Joint hypermobility
  • Arthritis

Podiatry Associates of Florida treats bunions with remarkable advanced medicine that allows easy corrections and successful bunion removal to get you back on your feet without discomfort.